I’m too busy to undertake such an installation. How much of my time will it take?

The initial consultation will take a few hours split over a week. Thereafter we do all the accounting & management setup remotely

After set up is done. How much maintenance am I responsible for?

We do all the bookkeeping maintenance remotely. We will need at least one hour per week with you to review results, KPI’s and procedures

You say the full service will cost $2,500/mth. Are there any other hidden costs?

No other hidden costs. The fee covers all Bookkeeping, Accounting and Business Coaching. We are on call and always at your disposal.

Your Accounting and Management software sounds amazing. Are there any additional costs for using it?

No additional costs. We provide the software and cover all costs such as hosting, upgrades and customer service.

Are you a Bookkeeping Service?

Bookkeeping is just a part of what we do for you. We also perform the functions of your Accountant and Business Coach. It’s a complete premium service designed to work closely with you to increase profits and cash flows.

How would you describe what you do. Are you a Financial Services business or a Technology business?

We are actually both. With us you get the benefits of many years of practical restaurant financial management experience together with our industry leading accounting and financial software. We are what the market terms a ‘FinTech’ company. We use our technology to deliver financial results by working remotely which allows us to spend time with you to analyse all your numbers and collaborate with you to maximize profits and cash flows

How can I see the software in action. Can I request a demonstration?

Absolutely. Simply contact us and we will set it up for you. At no cost of course

Am I obliged to sign a long term contract?

No contract required. Our actions speak for themselves.

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