Average pre-tax profit margins typically range between 4% for Full Service and 7% for Limited Service restaurants

(2004 Restaurant Industry Operations Report published by Deloitte & Touche LLP). This does not leave much room for

financial management missteps.

Time critical and accurate financial information has never been more important to the success in the current market.

However this needs to be done without any unnecessary fuss or added pressure to staff.

Research over a 10 year period has shown that:

After the first year 27% of restaurant start-ups fail.

After three years, 50% of those restaurants were no longer in business.

After five years 60% had had closed.

At the end of 10 years, 70% of the restaurants that had opened for business a decade before had failed.

Another academic research study concluded that 81.4% of all small business failures result from forces within the control of the owners/managers.

However – even if the failure rate is a little daunting, failure is not inevitable!

Video courtesy of our friend Ryan Gromfin of The Restaurant Boss

Where have you heard these words?


“My place is full, but I have no idea if I’m making money”.


“Sales are up but I’m struggling to make payroll”.


“The food is great, the service fabulous and the restaurant is busier than ever – but why is the bottom line not what it should be”.

10 ‘Red Flag’ indicators to potential disaster:

  1. Absence of a well organized and implemented accounting system
  2. Key operating expenses too high relative to gross sales
  3. Menu items not accurately documented, costed and updated
  4. Inventory levels not counted and costed periodically or recorded in accounting software
  5. Food and beverage inventory levels too high relative to corresponding sales
  6. Daily & weekly financial operating data not collected, reviewed or acted upon
  7. Inaccurate posting of financial information to your accounting system
  8. Current liabilities sufficiently greater than current assets as to impair future ability to pay bills
  9. Owner relying on online bank balance to determine available cash to pay bills
  10. Overall lack of understanding as to how to read and interpret Financial Statements

By receiving accurate and detailed financial information on a timely basis operators are able to quickly identify problem areas and respond accordingly simply by knowing their numbers.

These Red Flags are totally avoidable!

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