Technology gaining ground

As businesses learn to embrace technology they are quickly gaining market share over their competitors.

Barriers to adopting new technology is the perceived high cost and the disruption to existing ways things have always been done.

This is partly true, it costs less than you think.

The real challenge is the demand on your time. We understand that you are kept extremely busy managing your BOH production facility and at the same time taking care of product and service in FOH.

This leaves you little time to take care of the most important area of your business – your finances.

Financial technology has come a long way over the past five years and, if managed effectively, offers great insights into your business.

The challenge here, however, is to find the time to physically do the work and then interpret the results in order to add value to your bottom line.

It’s not so much the cost of the technology but the set up and daily use that has been the barrier.

This is where we come in!

Our Technology

We at RFM understand the plight of the restaurateur. Our industry specific cloud based accounting and management software does it all.

From fully integrated accounting to menu costing, inventory management, waste management .. and much more.

By easily linking your POS to our software, we allow your accounting to operate in real-time. We set everything up using exacting procedures and systems to ensure that your accounting and finances are always current.

The best part, not only is all the set up and implementation done for you, we are also able to maintain the system on a daily basis. You get the power of our technology without having to do a single thing.

Inventory levels, KPI’s, Sales Mix and budgets vs actual numbers can be viewed by you daily from anywhere at any time.

There is no need to ever again be isolated from your business. You will know your numbers at all times!

Through years of experience we are able to provide the full benefits of our technology together with seasoned F&B experts to deliver a dynamic and affordable service at a fixed monthly rate.


Video courtesy of our friends at the National Restaurant Association

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